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Surviving the Party Season – Part 3

How can you avoid overdoing it when it comes to alcohol? Here are my favourite tips for keeping your alcohol intake in check: ALTERNATE EACH ALCOHOLIC DRINK WITH A GLASS OF WATER Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it will increase how quickly your body loses water. Increasing your water intake can help reduce the amount […]

Surviving the Party Season – Part 2

Every year as party season comes around, I find I am spending more time talking about alcohol consumption and the health impacts it has. See my previous article where I talk about the health impacts of drinking alcohol. Today, we’re talking about the caloric increase that occurs as a result of drinking alcohol. TO HELP […]

Surviving the Party Season – Part 1

What happens to the body when we drink alcohol? Leading into the weekend, many of us look forward to that first glass of wine after work on a Friday, or that beer after footy is over on a Saturday. But it can be so easy for that glass of wine to lead to a bottle, […]

The 6 Nutrition Tips every runner should know

Whether you are a running newbie, or a seasoned pro, getting the nutrition right is essential to ensuring you’ll perform at your best come race day, though it is the often forgotten part of these events. Being able to tick the box that says you’ve run a marathon or done an ultra trail event is […]

Why is my weight loss plateauing?

You’ve been training hard at the gym, eating all the salads, but have stopped seeing the results you were so happy to see when you first started your weight loss journey. Weight loss plateaus can be particularly frustrating, especially when you feel like you’re doing everything right. SO, WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF A WEIGHT […]