How fit do I need to be do to a Corporate Group Fitness session?

Always seek the advice of your GP or Allied Health Professional (AHP) before embarking on any exercise program.
WORKForce is suited to participants of all abilities, from beginner to advanced. We won’t lie, our training is challenging but with a little grit and determination, it can be highly rewarding!

What equipment do you supply for a Corporate Group Fitness session?

We can supply all required equipment including training cones, AlphaStrong Sandbags and Sandballs, GF360 Battle Bars, HART Lebert Bars and Battling Ropes.

What should I wear to a Corporate Group Fitness session?

Comfortable running attire such as exercise tee, tank top or singlet, running shorts, workout shorts, leggings or light tracksuit pants and running shoes.
We recommend dressing to the conditions and wearing layers that you can remove.

What shouldn’t I wear a Corporate Group Fitness session?

For your safety and that of your fellow participants, we do not allow any jewellery, watches, fitness trackers (including Fit-bits, Jawbones, Activity Wristbands, etc) or heart-rate monitors to be worn during a session.
If you have a specific medical condition that requires you to wear a monitoring device please inform your Coach prior to your session.

What should I bring to a Corporate Group Fitness session?

A positive can-do attitude with a readiness to work hard and push past your objective to achieve goals.
A water bottle with water in it.
A spare t-shirt or something dry to put on after your session.
During the colder months, something warm and dry to wear before and after the session.

What happens if it’s raining?

WORKForce sessions can be held rain, hail, wind or shine!

What happens if the Air Quality Index rating is poor?

Prior to every session we consult the local Air Quality Index for advice and guidance on understanding the current level of air quality. Sessions are modified or relocated if required. In the case of extreme Air Quality Index ratings your session will be canceled and an alternative session time provided to you. In the event that a session is modified, relocated or cancelled under Air Quality Index advice, all participants are notified by text message.

What if I am injured?

Always inform your Coach prior to a session if you have an injury or issue that you feel may prevent you from completing certain exercises. For most injuries we will offer different variations of exercises to ensure you still get a great workout without causing further injury. We don’t allow participants to self-prescribe alternative exercises, that’s the job of your Coaches and what they are qualified to provide you.

What should I do if I feel unwell during a session?

If you experience any of these symptoms during a session, please stop exercising and notify us immediately:
Acute shortness of breath
Sharp muscle or joint pain
Dizziness or feeling faint

What if I’ve still got some questions about Corporate Group Fitness?

Contact the V&B Athletic team on 0414 932019 or and one of us will be able to help!