Do I need to be fit to join a Trail Club run?

You need to be comfortable with running at a relaxed pace for at least 30 minutes.
Always seek the advice of your GP or Allied Health Professional (AHP) before embarking on any exercise program.
Whether your’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, we provide two group options to choose from to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your experience:
Cruisey Group – ideal if you’re new to trail running or looking for an easier run at a more relaxed pace.
Challenge Group – for those already experienced trail runners that want to push a little harder and run at a more challenging pace.

Will I get left behind if I’m not able to keep up?

No. We group you based on capability and experience to ensure all runners enjoy a great session on the day and use group leaders for each group to ensure the pace is suitable for the group to keep everyone together as a team.

Will it be just men?

Absolutely not! We get a great mix of men and women of all abilities and experience.

How far will I run?

That depends on the group and the particular route we choose. Most Trail Club runs take about 2 to 3 hours to complete.
The Cruisey Group will average between 10 km to 12 km depending on the terrain while the Challenge Group may complete up to 20 km, again depending on the terrain.

How much does it cost?

Our Trail Club runs are completely FREE!

Do I need to join or book?

Yes. We need to know how many people are joining us so please book your place here.

Can I bring family or friends to Trail Club?

Of course! Just ask them to book their place here.

What facilities do you provide at Trail Club?

We’re able to lock keys and valuables up in the V&B Athletic van whilst we’re out running so there’s no need to worry about your belongings.

Can children come to Trail Club?

Yes. As long as they are accompanied by an adult who runs with them.

What should I wear to a Trail Club run?

Comfortable trail running attire such as running shorts, leggings and running shoes, of course! We recommend dressing to the conditions.

What should I bring to a Trail Club run?

A positive can-do attitude and a smile.
A spare t-shirt or something dry to put on after your session.
During the colder months, something warm and dry to put on after your run so you can enjoy a beer at the pub afterwards.
A towel. In the event you get wet you’ll need this to dry off.

The right gear can mean the difference between having an average run and an awesome one. Conditions in the Australian bush can change in an instant and often the trails we pick require you to be completely sufficient so in order to get the best enjoyment out there, it pays to be prepared.

Requirements for each run vary depending upon the weather forecast and chosen route.

We recommended the following standard gear for all trail runs: 
A suitable running pack.
A waterproof jacket with hood and sealed seams.
Capacity to carry a minimum of 1.5 litres of fluid.
A mobile phone (preferably Telstra Next G).
A whistle – most running packs have these built in as standard.
A space blanket.
A snake bite bandage.

Nutrition – This is your choice and responsibility. There is both distance, terrain and duration to take into account, so please consider the appropriate amount of food you would require to adequately fuel yourself for 3-4 hours.
Water – Plan to be self-sufficient for around 3-4 hours, it’s not uncommon to use between 1.5 to 2.5 litres over the duration of a run, a 1.5L bladder plus 2x 500ml flasks would be sufficient.

During the colder months:
A thermal long shirt.
Full-length warm tights.
A beanie, buff or similar warm headwear.
Full fingered gloves.

What happens if it’s raining?

We run rain, wind or shine!
If extreme weather conditions are forecast we may postpone our scheduled Trail Club run but all participants would be notified prior.

What should I do if I feel unwell during a run with Trail Club?

If you experience any of these symptoms during a run, please stop and notify your group leader immediately:
Acute shortness of breath
Sharp muscle or joint pain
Dizziness or feeling faint

What if I’ve still got some questions about Trail Club?

Get in touch with the V&B Athletic team on 0414 932019 or
One of us will be able to help!