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I’m Mandy Brooks

From Leichhardt

52, Treasury Manager

I'm not a morning person but, have no problem getting up at 5am to join my fellow bootcampers. It's great to work out with like-minded people!

My Story

What was life like before training with V&B Athletic?

Gym member with an uninspring PT. Took part in spartan race to face the true realisation no amount of gym training could have prepared me.

What have you achieved?

I've lost a couple of kilos which is most welcomed. 

What are some of the changes you've noticed?

Muscle tone is strengthening. Form during exercise is improving so that I can push harder to complete more reps.

What is life like now?

I'm not a morning person but, have no problem getting up at 5am to join fellow bootcampers. The range of exercises and routines is vast, I now have a healthy muscle ache every day. Everyone's commitment and enthusiasm is inspiring and spurs me on. Stretching more regularly is helping with flexibility.

My Timeline

07 Apr 2017

Started training with V&B Athletic


Weight 72kg

07 Apr 2017

Aug 2017


What do you love most about training with V&B Athletic?

Pushes me to be better. The teamwork, encouragement and support is awesome.

What's your favourite exercise?

Weight-based exercises

What would you say to anyone thinking of training with V&B Athletic?

Join and attend for a whole month, then decide is it for you. After all, it's not everyone's cup of tea.

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