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Meet the Team

David 'DJ' Jones
David 'DJ' JonesCo-Founder | Co-Owner | CoachCoachJones@vandbathletic.com.au
Long-distance cyclist, endurance athlete and our resident soft sand running specialist, DJ is "glass half full" when it comes to training, always encouraging his clients to dig that extra bit deeper and achieve extraordinary results.
Jase Cronshaw
Jase CronshawCo-Founder | Co-Owner | CoachCoachCronshaw@vandbathletic.com.au
Endurance athlete, mountain biker and part-time rock climber. Jase follows a "firm but fair" approach for getting the best out of his clients and believes that just one run can change your day but many runs will change your life.

Our Philosophy

Variety is the spice of life, why should training be any different
Age and gender should never be barriers to accomplishing your goals
Train with purpose, specifically rather than generally
Effective training comes from understanding the balance between training, rest and life
Embrace the journey,
enjoy the ride
Athletics Australia

We're Athletics Australia accredited coaches

Why is this important?

It means you can be confident knowing:

We are fully insured under the Athletics Australia Coaching Insurance Policy.

We agree to abide by the Athletics Australia Coaching Code of Conduct, including the Child Protection requirements and are aware of our responsibilities as an Accredited Coach.

We hold an accreditation recognised by Athletics Australia, State Athletics Associations and the Australian Sports Commission through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

We have received a thorough coach education and have demonstrated to a qualified assessor that we hold the competencies of our level of accreditation.

We have access to the latest and most important coaching resources, peer-reviewed studies and ongoing Professional Development seminars to keep our knowledge up-to-date.

You have a process for raising any concerns regarding the coach's conduct.

We're a Fitness Australia registered business

Why is this important?

It means you can be confident knowing we have been assessed against and met all the criteria to qualify as a registered fitness business with Fitness Australia.

These criteria are considered vitally important elements of successful fitness business practice and enable the complex structure of an organisation to be broken down into tangible components for systematic assessment, monitoring and continual improvement.

The six criteria, all considered equally important, are:

Professionalism - Our service delivery is professional, effective and appropriate to the client’s needs.

Safety - Our programs and services are delivered safely through a comprehensive risk management approach and our equipment is of a high standard.

Customer Care - Our customers are at the centre of our business and are always treated with care and respect.

Information & Knowledge - We use data and information effectively.

People - Our team is capable of delivering and supporting the services being offered.

Leadership - Our business is capable of delivering and supporting the services being offered.

Fitness Australia