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I’m Valli Rottger

From Camperdown

45, Consultant

Bootcamp has become a big part of my life and it's been incredibly positive on many levels. Making friends and doing things together that are both fun and healthy has also really enriched my life in ways that I hadn't necessarily expected.

My Story

What was life like before training with V&B Athletic?

I struggled to fit in regular exercise and spent a lot of money on gym memberships I never used. I essentially always did the same exercises without ever improving or pushing myself harder. The same weights. The same distances. The same exercises. Needless to say I never really improved and exercise was a kind of chore I had to fit into my schedule.

What have you achieved?

I have become much stronger and fitter since joining V&B Athletic. It has also given me the mental capacity to endure long runs, including half marathons or mountainous trail runs. Within a year of joining V&B Athletic I had gone from never running more than 3 or 4kms to running half marathons.

What are some of the changes you've noticed?

We all have set-backs. After an operation, I had to completely stop exercising for over six months. I felt incredibly low, lost my fitness and put on a lot of weight. My GP suggested either anti-depressants or exercise! I didn't hesitate and the next week I was back at Bootcamp. And literally, three weeks after joining V&B Athletic again my mood had completely shifted and I was back to my usual happy self. It's been a slow process to get back into shape from where I found myself but the structure and support of the program have meant I've kept at it, kept motivated and was supported to push harder and continue to set myself new goals. Still a work in progress but I know I'm in good hands.

What is life like now?

V&B Athletic has given me the structure to fit in regular, scheduled exercise into my week, every week. The regular benchmarking keeps me motivated to improve my speed, strength and endurance. V&B Athletic has also helped me build my mental strength to keep pushing myself to achieve more and take part in events and challenges that have been way outside my comfort zone and to keep going until they were done. The sense of achievement is amazing. This kind of mental strength can be transposed into all areas of life and it's maybe not a coincidence that since joining V&B Athletic I've had the courage to set up my own business and make other changes to my life that have required me to take a big leap of faith in myself.

My Timeline

27 Jun 2016

Started training with V&B Athletic

27 Jun 2016

08 Apr 2017

Jabulani Challenge

Trail Race


21 May 2017

Sydney Harbour 10k


21 May 2017

23 Apr 2017

ANZAC Day Challenge

Trail race


21 May 2017

Sydney Half Marathon


21 May 2017

What do you love most about training with V&B Athletic?

The combination of being pushed hard and supported with genuine care. And that somehow the trainers create a cohesive team of people of all different levels, ages, stages, capabilities, body types, strengths and motivations. It's very inclusive and supportive. I also love that no two sessions are the same. I have probably gone to hundreds of sessions and no two sessions have ever been the same. 

What's your favourite anecdote?

I never knew that you can train every single muscle in your body without needing a dozen gym machines.

What would you say to anyone thinking of training with V&B Athletic?

The first time I went was for a trial session someone talked me into. Beforehand I didn't expect to like it and certainly didn't think I'd go more than once. I had a perception that it would be all military-style, aimed only at the super-fit and I'd be shouted at. I was wrong! I signed up there and then and haven't looked back. 

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