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Given the continuing developments with COVID-19, we wanted to remind you of our policies aimed at ensuring we look after our athlete’s health and safety and that of our local communities.   We know how important exercise is to our health and wellbeing and we want to make sure we’re doing everything possible to ensure we […]

The top 5 working from home survival tips

You’ve suddenly found yourself working from home for the very first time. It can be confronting and a whole new world! Nearly 15 years spent consulting in the IT industry and, more recently, as a small business owner running V&B Athletic has taught me some valuable lessons about making time spent in the “home office” […]

What do you carry during your ultra-running adventures?

I’ve been asked recently by a number of people who are getting started on their ultra running journey, what do you carry for your longer endurance runs and ultra-running events? The right gear can mean the difference between having an average run and a frothing awesome one. Conditions can change in an instant. To get […]

What is Periodisation and why is it important?

What is Periodisation? Periodisation is the division of longer training cycles, called macrocycles, into smaller and more manageable intervals, known as mesocycles. The goal is managing and coordinating all aspects of your training to reach peak performance at a certain point in time, such as a race or competition, or alternatively to manage performance and […]

5 Common Myths about Run Club… Debunked!

Run clubs are gaining popularity as women, and men, are choosing to run as part of organised groups to get their exercise fix. Every Wednesday, as the sun goes down, an unlikely group gathers in a sports shoe store in Rozelle. They come from all walks of life. One is a landscape gardener. Another works […]

How to get the most our of your City 2 Surf

How to enjoy one of Australia’s most popular road running events and the fifth largest running event in the world! Heartbreak Hill A lot of people focus on the infamous section of the race which starts approximately 6km into the course from the Rose Bay shops and then rises about 75m over the next 2km […]