Do I need to be fit to join Rozelle Run Club?

Always seek the advice of your GP or Allied Health Professional (AHP) before embarking on any exercise program.
Every session is designed to be inclusive regardless of your ability. We include both high-intensity and moderate-intensity activity in such a way that regardless of your level of fitness, whether they’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, you’re able to run at a level that is appropriate for you but also challenging enough that you finish knowing you’ve had a rewarding session.

Will I get left behind if I’m not able to keep up?

No! We make sure every participant knows that they are part of the team. Our longer term club members act as group leaders to make sure that no-one is left behind or has to run on their own.

Will it be just men?

Absolutely not! We’ve got a great mix of men and women of all abilities and experience.

How far will I run?

Each run averages between 6km and 9km and is suitable for all abilities, some runs can be a little longer depending on your level of fitness but we structure each run to according to your ability. So whether you’re a complete beginner or a veteran runner, you’re guaranteed a good workout!

How much does it cost?

All Pace Athletic’s Run Clubs are completely FREE! Just turn up, lace up and run.

Do I need to join or book?

All Pace Athletic’s Run Clubs have a drop in policy making it easy and hassle free. No need to book. Just arrive at the store by 6:15 pm, shoes laced and ready for pre-run briefing by no later than 6:25 pm. Then be ready to run at 6:30 pm!

What facilities do you provide at Rozelle Run Club?

Pace Athletic Rozelle provides changing rooms and we lock the store up whilst we’re out running so there’s no need to worry about your belongings. 

Can I bring family or friends to Rozelle Run Club?

Of course! Refer to Rule Number 1 – We always talk about run club

Can children come to Rozelle Run Club?

Yes. We cater for children 10 years or older as long as they are accompanied by an adult who runs with them.

What should I wear to a Rozelle Run Club?

Comfortable running attire such as running shorts, workout shorts, leggings or light tracksuit pants and running shoes, of course! We recommend dressing to the conditions.

What should I bring to Rozelle Run Club?

A positive can-do attitude and a smile.
A spare t-shirt or something dry to put on after your session.
During the colder months, something warm and dry to put on after your run so you can enjoy a beer at the pub afterwards.
A towel. In the event you get wet you’ll need this to dry off. See What happens if it’s raining?

What happens if it’s raining?

At Rozelle Run Club we run rain, hail, wind or shine!

Are there other free Pace Athletic Run Clubs?

There are!
On Monday nights at 6:30pm from their Mosman store – 563 Military Rd, Mosman
On Tuesday nights at 6:30pm from their Manly store – 23 Sydney Road, Manly.

What should I do if I feel unwell during a run with Rozelle Run Club?

If you experience any of these symptoms during a run, please stop and notify the coach immediately:
Acute shortness of breath
Sharp muscle or joint pain
Dizziness or feeling faint

Is there water provided after the run?

Water is provided in store and we also meet for a beer afterwards at The Welcome Hotel, Rozelle.

What if I’ve still got some questions about Rozelle Run Club?

Get in touch with the V&B Athletic team on 0414 932019 or 
Contact the Pace Athletic Rozelle store on (02) 9555 9845 or
One of us will be able to help!