How to find your ideal running group

The fitness landscape is awash with a wide range of Run Club options. 

But which one will get you the best results?

Some offer to coach with established training and workout plans; others are casual meetups and social clubs.  

Some break up the group based on pace and distance, while others run together.

What makes V&B Athletic’s Run Club, RUNCorps®, different?

There’s no I in Team

At the heart of RUNCorps® Run Club is inclusiveness.

We structure sessions to account for individual strengths and abilities, from those new or just returning to running right up to experienced athletes. We ensure that no one gets left behind. So no matter what your level, you’re guaranteed a source of healthy motivation to continually improve your running!

No two sessions are the same

RUNCorps Run Club sessions are constantly varied, utilising an array of different locations to keep your training fresh and exciting. We incorporate a wide variety of surfaces and training environments to ensure variety in your training. By forcing your body to adjust to the changing terrain, we make your training more effective.


These are a great way to develop speed and strength as they require extra effort to run uphill, and you don’t need to run as fast as you would on flat terrain. They’re also great for learning how to control your breathing and, more importantly, descending!


We perform these speed sessions on a flat surface close to your threshold pace with more extended rest between sets. We use both paved surfaces and grass tracks for these sessions.


Swedish for “speed play”, Fartlek sessions work on speed and stamina by alternating between hard and easy running.


Described as “comfortably hard”, these are designed to build your mental and physical endurance. Also known as lactate-threshold runs, we cover longer distances at a faster, more controlled pace.


We begin slow and easy and finish fast! Progression runs are not only fun, but they are also a great way to boost your fitness without any lasting fatigue.

Personalised Coaching

RUNCorps® Run Club coaches don’t just stand on the sidelines yelling orders. They run with you and support you through your session.

Our experienced coaches are runners themselves who can assess your technique then help you implement changes that will make you fitter, faster and stronger with specific and easy-to-follow instructions on what you need to change and why. 

Measure your success

Each new RUNCorps Run Club training cycle begins with a time trial. It’s not a race! It’s a repeatable measure of your current level of performance against the clock and provides both you and your coach with valuable information. It helps to structure your training program, demonstrate any improvements that you’ve made and provides a key source of motivation to continue improving.

Avoid the plateau

Many Run Clubs follow a similar routine of recurring sessions with regular activities, and this can lead to your results quickly starting to plateau.

The key to improving your fitness whilst reducing your risk of injury is a program structured around cycles of progressively-loaded training. RUNCorps Run Club helps avoid plateaus in training by using periodised training principles to maximise your performance and improvement whilst reducing the staleness of your activity over the long term.

Train for a specific goal

We’ll work with you to improve your overall performance and become a stronger, more capable runner, whether it’s tackling your first 5k or first half-marathon, your first ultra-marathon, right up to multi-stage endurance races. We can easily incorporate your RUNCorps® Run Club sessions into an individually tailored training program that aligns with your running goals and target races.

Become part of our team

Are you looking for a change? Book a session with ourRUNCorps® Run Club and discover what makes RUNCorps® different!

Join our community of fun, supportive and like-minded individuals who are committed to the long-term benefits that RUNCorps® Run Club helps them achieve.

V&B Athletic offers run coaching and functional fitness outdoor group training close to Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Rozelle and Balmain in Sydney, Australia. We offer group personal training, group run coaching, personal coaching and tailored training programs.